American Roots Essentials: Tim Barry

There are so many incredible singer/songwriters in this scene that we've decided to launch a bi-weekly spotlight feature on artists that you may, or may not, be listening to, but definitely should be. These are the American Roots Essentials.

Our inaugural spotlight is Tim Barry.

Tim Barry

Tim Barry is one of my personal favorite folk-rock troubadours. The Richmond, Virginia native has been making music for 25 years, most of which were spent as the frontman for the now-defunct punk band, Avail. This past decade has seen Tim embark on a solo folk career, releasing 5 full-length studio albums, as well as a split EP with Frank Turner. His latest record, 40-miler, was released in 2012 on Chunksaah Records. 

Tim is a songwriting expert. A master of his craft, he has honed his skills and mastery of the English language to write lyrics that mean something, on both a personal and intellectual level; lyrics that help make sense of the world around him. He is eloquently able to tell a story with a guitar, 3-chords, and a melodic backing. Tim has been quoted as saying, “To paraphrase Steve Earle, if you put nothing in, nothing comes out" and his songs are reflective of that.

His upcoming album "Raising Hell & Living Cheap: Live in Richmond" is set to be released on May 13, 2014 via Chunksaah Records. He recently performed a show and is contemplating doing another one. Like him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter, and let him know that you'd love to see him do another!


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