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American Roots Essentials: Sam Outlaw

There are so many incredible singer/songwriters in this scene that we've decided to launch a bi-weekly spotlight feature on artists that you may, or may not, be listening to, but definitely should be. These are the American Roots Essentials.

This week's spotlight is Sam Outlaw

Sam Outlaw Main Picture

Sam Outlaw is part of the scene that we like to call "SoCal Country." A South Dakota native who's now living, and plying his trade in Los Angeles, Sam writes music that captures the spirit of some of county's greatest; it's not difficult to hear the influence of George Jones, Willie Nelson, Don Williams and others, and that's not a bad thing at all!

He recently released a 5-song, self-titled EP which you can stream in its entirety here, as well as the music video for the song "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink (And Fall In Love,)" which you can watch below.

He's also playing a show on April 15th at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA. Sam Outlaw is an artist you don't want to miss!


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