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American Roots Essentials: Wayfarer

There are so many incredible singer/songwriters in this scene that we've decided to launch a bi-weekly spotlight feature on artists that you may, or may not, be listening to, but definitely should be. These are the American Roots Essentials.

This week's spotlight is Wayfarer


Nik Piscitello, artistically known as "Wayfarer," is a singer-songwriter out of RVA, or rather Richmond, VA. Formerly a member of the bands Spark of Life, Last of the Believers, and most recently, of Outspoken, Wayfarer draws influence from the haunting work of Mark Kozelek, Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley. 

His most recent EP, “The Albatross We Keep,” isn’t the soundtrack to those summers in the suburbs, thrashing away. It’s a portrait of a man very much trying to come to grips with adulthood, armed with little more than his heart and his songs. Only some things haven’t completely changed. This becomes increasingly apparent at the end of “Best And Worst,” a seemingly simple folk song about private hells and California stars that dovetails into a cacophony of emotion and sound.

You can stream the songs  "Best and Worst," "Holiday," and "The Ocean" below. This is Wayfarer!


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